Jean Monnet 2012-2013 Academic Year Scholars- Gathering in Brussels

Scholars who have been continuing their education in the most famous education institutes across Europe gathered at the Study Visit under the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme, which is financed by European Union and implemented by Ministry of EU Affairs, with the attendance of Deputy Minister Dr. Alaattin Büyükkaya on 14th March 2013.

The event has commenced at the Permanent Representative with the attendance of in the presence of EU Permanent Representative Mr. Selim Yenel, Deputy Permanent Representative Dr. Nurşen Numanoğlu, Deputy Undersecretary Dr. Mehmet Cangir, Head of Central Finance and Contracting Unit Mr. Muhsin Altun and Head of Project Implementing Unit Mr. Bülent Özcan.

The Scholars then visited the European Commission and the European Parliament.

It is aimed by Jean Monnet Scholars’ Brussels Gathering, which took place under the influence of Ministry for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mr. Egemen Bağış, to track the reflection of recent developments in Turkey on its journey across European Union at Brussels, to visit the European Union Institutions and our European Union Representatives and show the changes in Turkey simultaneously to our European counterparties.