Nalan Koçak 2010-2011 Academic Year Jean Monnet Scholar

Hurriyet Daily News, Editor-In-Chief

Could you tell us a little about yourself? How has your career been shaped until today?

I guess there is no other profession that shapes your whole life, not just work, as much as journalism. For that reason, I am simply a journalist. I have been in this profession since February 2012. I assumed different positions such as reporter, editor, foreign news manager, editor-in-chief, and made weekly interviews. My journalism journey, which started in Haber Türk, is currently continuing within Hürriyet Daily News.

Could you give us information about the university and the topic you studied with the Jean Monnet Scholarship Program?

I studied human rights with a master’s degree in sociology at the London School of Economics.

What are the effects of the education you completed through the Jean Monnet Scholarship Program on your view of the European Union?

I realized that the European Union is not just for economic or diplomatic purposes, but actually a culture-information transfer project.

What would you like to recommend to Jean Monnet Scholarship candidates?

Jean Monnet Scholarship is a scholarship that will change your life, world and your view of the world. I can put it that way in one sentence. I want to express it without exaggeration, it was one of the greatest chances I have ever been given in my life. Thanks to the scholarship, I got the chance to do a master’s degree at the school that I had dreamed of for years. Therefore, I suggest to the scholarship candidates that if they work with a focus on what the scholarship will bring, they can achieve a positive result very comfortably.