Baloğlu Toker – 2004-2005 Academic Year Jean Monnet Scholar

School / Department: Vienna University & Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

Institution and Position: HP Computer and Printing Systems, Sustainability Manager


  • Could you tell us a little about yourself? How has your career been shaped so far?

After graduating from Marmara University, Department of Political Science and International Relations, I completed the joint master’s programme at the University of Vienna and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in 2005 with the Jean Monnet Scholarship. After my master’s degree, I started a PhD programme at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Vienna.

Throughout my education life, I followed the current events in our country and in the world closely and tried to get to know new countries and cultures. I did internships at different institutions throughout my student life. When I returned to Türkiye, I started working at TÜSİAD and worked primarily on industry, environment and energy issues. During this period, I followed Türkiye’s climate change negotiations and wrote my PhD thesis on this subject. In 2010, I completed my PhD and left my job at TÜSİAD and started working as Sustainability Manager at HP. I was responsible for Türkiye at first, then the Middle East and now I am responsible for Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Could you give some information about the university you studied with the Jean Monnet Scholarship and the subject you are working on?

With the Jean Monnet Scholarship, I participated in a joint master’s programme run by the University of Vienna and the Diplomatic Academy of Vieanna. My master’s thesis was on the European Union’s Middle East Policy. During the programme, I had the chance to take lessons from very valuable professors and to visit European Union Institutions. Of course, the international student environment was also very enjoyable.


  • What are the effects of the education you completed thanks to the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme on your view of the European Union?

When I was doing my master’s degree and then started to work, relations between the European Union and Türkiye were in a very different dimension. Serious efforts were being made for candidacy. Receiving this training during that time was a turning point in my academic and personal development. It was a very valuable experience to be a student abroad, to take lessons from professors from different countries in Europe and to be together with students from different nationalities.


  • What would you like to recommend to Jean Monnet scholarship candidates?

The opportunity to study in Europe with the Jean Monnet Scholarship is a very important opportunity to gain both academic development and personal development, life and business skills. It is also valuable for us to see what we can do at a young age and to develop our self-confidence… 1-2 year master’s programmes pass quickly, so I recommend all participants to plan well in advance what they want to do during this time besides their academic projects, which institutions, who they will contact and even where they want to visit. I advise them to enjoy this short time without getting too caught up in family and homesickness. I wish success to all scholarship recipients and hope that they will have good memories and friends when they look back afterwards…